Normal gear for your characters is usually dropped in the same locations, based on your characters' destiny.

Gold gear seems to be dropped randomly and anything can drop in any location.

Here is the list of raid areas and which destines they will drop gear for.

Level Level Name Common Uncommon
1 Hello World Heroes of the Battlefield Stinking Sewers
2 Halloween Night Heroes of the Battlefield Stinking Sewers
3 Deep Forest Shadows Stinking Sewers Ancient Dungeon
4 Emerald Lake Ancient Dungeon Halloween Party
5 Boiling Magma Halloween Party The World of Constellations
6 Shadow Cast on Shadow Castle The World of Constellations The Sorcerer's Intern
7 Ultramundane Fellows The Sorcerer's Intern Underworld
8 Rough Rocks Underworld Damp Culverts
9 Horror Show Damp Culverts Zombie Twilight
10 Day Dreaming Zombie Twilight Burning Desert
11 Elementals Burning Desert Sticky Swamp
12 Master Chef Dino Sticky Swamp Volcano Crater
13 Burning Sands and Sunlight Volcano Crater Suspicious Laboratory
14 Wicked Island Suspicious Laboratory Under the Sea
15 Desert of Ice Under the Sea Castle of Doom
16 Submarine Adventures Castle of Doom Cursed Attic
17 Hellenia Cursed Attic Spooky Mansion
18 Starving Corpses Spooky Mansions Snowy Fields
19 A Day Trip to the Zoo Snowy Fields Space Invasion
20 Always Below Zero Space Invasion Ragnarok
21 Welcome to Hell Ragnarok Insomnia
22 The Lord of Earrings Insomnia The Garden of Dionysus
23 Armorception The Garden of Dionysus Arabian Knights
24 Eastern Land of Courtesy Arabian Knights Perseus the Hero
25 Glowing Curses Perseus the Hero Outlaws of Winterland
26 Poisonous Plains Outlaws of Winterland The Incarnation of Avarice
27 The Creatures of Wonderland The Incarnation of Avarice Alchemy Lab
28 Dangerous Birdbrains Alchemy Lab Lakeside
29 Ragnarok Lakeside Black Tri-Stars
30 Blind Worship Black Tri-Stars Lost Catacombs
31 Arabia Lost Catacombs Untouched Nature
32 Deities of the Riverside Untouched Nature Holiday Hazards
33 Cursed Forest Holiday Hazards Horror Movie Stars
34 Dead or Alive Horror Movie Stars Venomous Feast
35 Dragon Heart Venomous Feast The Altar of the Pagans
36 Deep Deep Darkness The Altar of the Pagans The Wizard's Tower
37 Flora and Fauna The Wizards Tower Uncharted Waters
38 Dushara Desert Uncharted Waters Ancient Legends
39 Merry-Go-Round
40 The King of Gluttony
41 Serpentine Blue
42 Hybrids Food Fighters Guards of the Forest
43 Faraway Momogatari Guards of the Forest Graeae
44 Titan Falls Graeae The Sacred River

45 Diabolic Dudes The Sacred River

46 Conquest of Earth

47 Kalama Volcano

48 Transcendental Powers

49 Den of Evil The Lord of the Earrings

50 Red Dragon Raiders The Lord of the Earrings Hellgate

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